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Matt Dawson September 15, 2014 Instructions

Nobody wants to type in the whole obituary when creating service announcements. The easiest way to input obituary data is to either copy and paste the obituary from a word document or from your local online newspaper if they write the obituaries for you.

There are many ways to copy and paste. I'm going to explain the easiest way.

The first way is all done with the mouse. Below is an example of copying and pasting from a word file (but the same rules apply even if you are on an online newspaper site). First, log into your website and click "Create New Page" - this will take you to your "Add Page Content" page. Once you have entered the appropriate data into the name and dates of birth and death fields, open your Word file with your obituary (If you are getting it from an online newspaper, open a new browser window and find the obituary).

Here is the obituary:


We now need to highlight the appropriate text. Simply put your cursor to the left of the first word you will highlight and left click. Hold the left click button down as you scroll all the way down the obituary. The words will be hilighted, usually in either blue or black background, like so:



Now, let go of the mouse button and move your cursor into the highlighted text. Be sure not to left-click as that would remove the highlight. With the words highlighted and your cursor over any of the highlighted area, click the right mouse button once. This will bring up a pop-up menu. Scroll to "Copy" and left-click the mouse. Another graphic:


Next, go back to your web page / Add Page Content, where you are creating the new page. Place your cursor inside the obituary field by left clicking once. Then right-click - a popup menu will appear. Select "Paste":


Your data will instantly be input into the field:


That's it. You can even copy and paste selected bits of text from your Word file to fill in other fields in the "Add Page Content" form, such as the Name of the Deceased, Service Dates and Times, etc.

Hope that helps!

Matt Dawson September 15, 2014 Instructions

Below is a video that will walk you through the process of adding memorial pages (or obituary pages) to your funeral home website. Of course, if you need further assistance, do not hesitate to contact us at 419-569-7917.


Matt Dawson September 22, 2011 Announcements

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